Scheduled Implosions

10 x 8 in
60 Pages
Smyth Sewn Paperback
Edition of 30

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Scheduled Implosions or I see War (Everywhere)

I Surf the web.

Clicking, Clicking, Clicking

Like a child’s toy gun that lost its pellets.

The more I click, the more images I find. I see men in

helmets, smoke as it disappears into grey skies,

strong backs that carry large knapsacks, canteens

dangling from waist belts.

I pause on an Image by Horst Fass

I am in Vietnam, 1965.

My mother tells me she was in Wisconsin studying

history. Helicopters, like birds, peck at

the muddy sky. Men flock North avoiding bullets.

Today we are in the middle of an election. The

candidates talk tough in suits. My son plays Star

Wars. He says: “blasters are not guns.” He makes

strange sounds.

This world is fragile.

H.S.A. — 2016